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Vehicle Gates User Guide


Between the daytime hours of 07:00 and 19:00 the vehicle gates will remain open. i.e. both leaves of the vehicle gate are fully open, there is free access in and out.
Between the night hours of 19:00 and 07:00 the vehicle gates are closed
i.e. both leaves are fully closed and the gate control system is operational.

 There are 3 ways to open the gates to enter ealing village  


1       To Enter Using Your Fob
  •   Approach gate from Hanger Lane
  • Fobs have a range of over 50 meters.
  • Press left button under LED Light on Fob.
  • Left hand gate leaf starts to open.
  • After a very short delay the right hand gate leaf starts to open.
  • The gates will open to the fully open position and then stop.
  • Once the vehicle has passed through the gates, unless another vehicle is entering, the gates will close automatically.
  • If one or more cars are entering behind the first car, the gates will remain open until all cars have come through, then the gates will close.


2       Enter by using your flat’s 8-digit code
If you do not have your Fob on you, type your flat’s unique 8-digit code into the intercom keypad on the gatepost. The gates will open.
3       Visitors can call a resident on the intercom system
Your visitor should drive up to the gate from Hanger Lane and stop. On the intercom keypad on the gatepost your visitor can either:
  • Type in your 3-digit flat number on the keypad (e.g. flat 5 is 005); or
  • Scroll through to your flat number on the display screen and then press the “bell” button.

The intercom system will ring your pre-programmed nominated phone number. When you answer, the intercom system will tell you that you have a visitor at the gate. You can then speak to them directly.
To open the gate, press the “0” key on your telephone keypad. If you do not know the just hang-up and gates will not open.

For more detailed instructions on answering visitor calls click here.


To Exit Ealing Village
Drive towards the gates, keeping to the left hand side of the road.
When about 5 meters from the gates (there will be a painted 5m stop-line), a sensor installed into the road will sense your vehicle and the gates will open. 
If you cross 5m stop-line before the gates are fully open, the gates will close and will not open until you have backed up your car behind the 5m stop-line.
Once the vehicle clears the immediate area and no other vehicles or pedestrians are in the immediate area, the gates will close, normally about 10-20 seconds after the area is clear.
In an Emergency
The emergency services will always have access to Ealing Village as we have installed an industry standard fireman’s override switch.
Mains Power Failure
In the unlikely event of a mains power failure, the gates will automatically open and stay open for the duration of the power failure.

To download the above instructions click here.